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CNC lathe installation steps

1、Lifting and transportationThe lifting and positioning of the machine tool should use the special lifting tool provided by the manufacturer, and other methods are not allowed. If you don’t need special lifting tools, you should use wire rope to lift and position the machine in accordance with the instruction manual. 2、Foundation and positionThe machine tool… Read More »CNC lathe installation steps

CNC Lathe Types

CNC lathe varieties, specifications vary, generally have the following classification. CNC lathe classification – according to the function of the CNC system 1) Full-featured CNC latheThis lathe high resolution, fast feed speed (generally more than 15m/min), feed most of the semi-closed-loop DC or AC servo system, machine tool accuracy is also relatively high, the use… Read More »CNC Lathe Types

Features of CNC lathe

1、High machining accuracyCNC machine tools are given in digital form by the instructions for processing. At present, the pulse equivalent of CNC machine tools generally reach 0.001, and the feed drive chain backlash and screw pitch error can be compensated by the CNC device, therefore, CNC machine tools can achieve high machining accuracy. For small… Read More »Features of CNC lathe

What is the difference between a CNC machine and a normal machine?

The use of CNC machine tools to complete the machining process with ordinary machine tools can not be compared: 1, can greatly improve productivity. Workpiece clamping is completed, enter the machining program has been prepared, the machine will automatically complete the machining process, processing parts change, generally only need to change the CNC program, thus… Read More »What is the difference between a CNC machine and a normal machine?