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Why can CNC machine tools replace ordinary machine tools?

CNC machine tools are highly automated machine tools. The processing technology and processing surface formation method are basically the same as ordinary machine tools. The most fundamental difference between the two lies in the principles and methods of realizing automated control.

CNC machine tools use digital information to achieve automatic control. Information related to the processed parts – the dimensional parameters of the relative movement path between the workpiece and the tool (such as the feed amount), the process parameters of the cutting process (such as the main movement and feed movement) speed, back cutting amount, etc.) and various auxiliary operations (main movement speed change, tool replacement, cutting fluid start and stop, clamping and loosening of workpiece, etc.), etc., using a code composed of prescribed words, numbers and symbols, The processing program is written in a certain format, and then the processing program is input into the CNC device. After analysis and processing, the CNC device sends various signals and instructions corresponding to the program to control the machine tool for automatic processing. The principle and process of this digital control are completed through each component of the above-mentioned CNC machine tool.

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