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What is the difference between CNC machine tools and ordinary machine tools?

Machine tools are machines that make machines, and they are also machines that can make machine tools themselves. Turning, milling, planing, grinding, boring, drilling, electric spark, shearing, bending, laser cutting, etc. are all mechanical processing methods. The so-called mechanical processing is to process metal blank parts into the required shape, including dimensional accuracy and geometric accuracy. Equipment that can complete the above functions is called a machine tool. CNC machine tools are developed from ordinary machine tools. CNC machine tools are a kind of high-precision and high-efficiency automated machine tools. CNC means digital control.

In fact, CNC technology is inseparable from CNC machine tools now. CNC machine tools, in a simple sense, are to add a CNC system to the machine tool. Of course, CNC machine tools are not just adding a CNC system. CNC technology is the most advanced processing equipment used in the current mechanical processing industry. It includes CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC milling and boring machines, CNC machining centers, CNC wire cutting and other categories. The so-called CNC technology is to use digital program signals to control the machine tool processing process through computers.

Using CNC machine tools to complete the processing process has incomparable characteristics of ordinary machine tools:

  1. It can greatly improve productivity. After the workpiece is clamped, the prepared processing program is input, and the machine tool will automatically complete the processing process. When the processed parts are changed, generally only the CNC program needs to be changed, so the processing time is greatly shortened, thereby increasing productivity by several times compared with ordinary machine tools.
  2. It has very high processing accuracy and very stable product quality. Because it is automatically processed according to the program, the processing accuracy can also be corrected and compensated by software, so extremely high processing accuracy can be obtained. Now, almost all high-precision and cutting-edge products in various enterprises are processed and manufactured using CNC machine tools.
  3. The high degree of automation greatly reduces the labor intensity and greatly dilutes the difference between physical labor and mental labor. The working process of CNC machine tool operators has a high scientific and technological content, and the quality requirements of operators are high, and the technical requirements of maintenance personnel are even higher. It is no longer a “blue-collar worker” in the sense of the past. People who can operate CNC machine tools are called “gray collars”; people who know how to repair CNC machine tools are called “silver collars”; CNC generalists who can both operate and repair machine tools are called “gold collars”.

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