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What is the difference between a CNC machine and a normal machine?

The use of CNC machine tools to complete the machining process with ordinary machine tools can not be compared:

1, can greatly improve productivity. Workpiece clamping is completed, enter the machining program has been prepared, the machine will automatically complete the machining process, processing parts change, generally only need to change the CNC program, thus greatly reducing the processing time, which can be compared to ordinary machine tools to increase productivity by several times.
2, with high machining accuracy, product quality is very stable. Because it is automatically processed according to the program, machining accuracy can also be corrected and compensated for the use of software, so you can get a very high machining accuracy, and now the enterprises in the high, fine, sophisticated products are almost all the use of CNC machine tools for processing and manufacturing.
3, a high degree of automation, greatly reducing labor intensity, to a large extent, diluted the difference between manual labor and mental labor. CNC machine tool operator’s work process has a high technological content, the operator’s quality requirements are higher, the technical requirements of maintenance personnel is higher. Has not belonged to the past sense of “blue-collar workers”. Will CNC machine tool operators, known as “gray collar”; know how to repair CNC machine tools, known as “silver collar”; both will operate and know how to repair the CNC generalist, known as “gold collar “.

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