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What are the precautions after CNC machining is completed?

The editor will take you to understand what CNC machining is. It refers to a mechanical processing method that uses digital information to control the displacement of parts and tools for parts machining on CNC machine tools. It is an effective way to solve the problems of variable types of parts, small batches, complex shapes, high precision, and high efficiency and automatic processing.

So what are the precautions after CNC machining is completed? Here are nine tips:

  1. Remove chips, scrub the machine tool, keep the machine tool and the environment clean, and pay attention to check or replace the oil wiper on the worn machine tool guide rail.
  2. Check the status of lubricating oil and coolant, add or replace them in time, and turn off the power and main power on the machine tool operation panel in turn.
  3. When starting up a CNC machine tool, it should follow the principle of returning to zero first (except for special requirements), manual, jog, and automatic. The operation of the machine tool should follow the principle of low speed, medium speed, and high speed first, and the low and medium speed operation time should not be less than 2-3 minutes. Only after confirming that there are no abnormal conditions can the operation begin.
  4. It is forbidden to knock, correct and modify the workpiece on the chuck or between the centers. It is necessary to confirm that the workpiece and the tool are clamped before the next operation can be carried out. The operator must stop the machine when replacing the tool, workpiece, adjusting the workpiece or leaving the machine tool during operation.
  5. The operator shall not dismantle and move the safety and security equipment on the machine tool at will. Before the machine tool starts processing, it is necessary to use the program verification method to check whether the program used is the same as the processed parts. After the program is correct, the safety protection cover can be fixed and the machine tool can be started for part processing.
  6. Machine tool accessories, measuring tools and tools should be properly kept, kept intact and good, and compensation should be made for loss or damage. After the training is completed, the machine tool should be cleaned and kept clean, the tailstock and the carriage should be moved to the end of the bed, and the power supply of the machine tool should be cut off.
  7. When the machine tool fails or abnormal phenomena occur during operation, it should be stopped immediately, the site should be protected, and the site responsibility should be reported immediately. The operator is prohibited from modifying the machine tool parameters. If necessary, it is necessary to notify the equipment manager and ask the equipment manager to correct it.
  8. Understand the technical requirements of the part drawing and check whether the blank size and shape are defective. Choose a reasonable way to install parts, correctly select CNC turning tools, and ensure that the parts and tools are installed accurately and firmly.
  9. Understand and master the CNC machine tool control and operation panel and its operation essentials, accurately input the program into the system, simulate inspection and room cutting, and do all the preparatory work before processing.

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