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The important role of CNC vertical lathe in cutting processing

CNC lathe is a highly efficient and mechanized automated machine tool, generally divided into two categories: horizontal lathe and vertical lathe. Vertical lathe is also called CNC vertical lathe.

Although CNC lathe has greatly improved the efficiency of work, it is also used to process the rotating surface of parts like ordinary lathes, but CNC lathe is more automated, which is also the benefit brought to us by advanced technology. It can not only automatically complete the processing of irregular three-dimensional surfaces such as outer cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, spherical surfaces and threads, but also process some more complex rotating surfaces, such as hyperbolic surfaces. The workpiece installation method of CNC lathe is similar to that of ordinary lathe. Most CNC lathes use hydraulic, pneumatic and electric chucks, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. From the perspective of appearance, CNC lathes are not very different from ordinary lathes. They are generally composed of lathe body, spindle, tool holder, feed system pressure system, cooling and lubrication system, etc.

As the main basic process of manufacturing technology, CNC vertical lathe cutting processing has made great progress with the development of manufacturing technology at the end of the 20th century, and has entered a new stage of development characterized by the development of high-speed cutting, the development of new cutting processes and processing methods, and the provision of complete sets of technologies. It is the main processing technology of important industrial sectors in the manufacturing industry, such as the automotive industry, aerospace industry, energy industry, military industry, and emerging mold industry, electronics industry, etc., and is also an important factor in the rapid development of these industrial sectors. However, the status of CNC vertical lathe cutting processing as the main basic process of manufacturing technology will not change. The CNC vertical lathe is equipped with an angular displacement detection device on the shaft of the open-loop control servo motor. By detecting the rotation angle of the servo motor, the displacement of the moving parts is indirectly detected and fed back to the comparator of the CNC device, which is compared with the input command and the moving parts are controlled by the difference.

In order to meet the needs of the market and scientific and technological development, to meet the higher requirements of modern manufacturing technology for CNC technology, and to adapt to the requirements of CNC line entry, networking, popularization and personalization, multiple varieties, small batches, flexibility and rapid development of CNC, the most important development trend of CNC vertical lathes is the openness of the system architecture. CNC technology and manufacturing process technology have made breakthroughs in complete machines such as rapid prototyping, parallel mechanism machine tools, robotized machine tools, multi-functional machine tools, and unit technologies such as high-speed electric spindles, linear motors, and software compensation accuracy.

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