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Several key points that must be paid attention to in CNC lathe processing

Bulama CNC lathe processing is a high-precision, high-efficiency automated machine tool that uses digital information to control the displacement of parts and tools. Since CNC lathe processing is a one-time clamping, continuous automatic processing to complete all turning processes, the following matters should be noted when performing CNC lathe processing.

  1. Pay attention to the selection of cutting amount
    The three elements of cutting conditions in Kunshan CNC lathe processing: cutting speed, feed rate and cutting depth will directly cause tool damage. As the cutting speed increases, the temperature of the tool tip will rise, and mechanical, chemical and physical related wear will occur. If the cutting speed increases by 20%, the tool life will be reduced by 1/2. The effect of feed rate on tool wear is smaller than that of cutting speed, but when the feed rate is large, the cutting temperature rises, and the tool wear is large. Although the effect of cutting depth on the tool is not as great as cutting speed and feed rate, when cutting at a small cutting depth, the cut material produces a hardened layer, which also affects the life of the tool.
  2. Pay attention to the selection of tools
    (1) When rough turning, choose tools with high strength and good durability to meet the requirements of large back cutting amount and large feed rate during rough turning.
    (2) When fine turning, choose tools with high precision and good durability to ensure the requirements of processing accuracy.
    (3) In order to reduce tool change time and facilitate tool alignment, machine clamping tools and machine clamping blades should be used as much as possible.
  3. Pay attention to the selection of fixtures
    (1) Try to use general fixtures to clamp workpieces and avoid using special fixtures;
    (2) The positioning reference of parts coincides to reduce positioning errors.
  4. Pay attention to the determination of processing routes
    The processing route refers to the movement trajectory and direction of the tool relative to the part during CNC lathe processing.
    (1) It should be able to ensure processing accuracy and surface roughness requirements;
    (2) The processing route should be shortened as much as possible to reduce the tool idle travel time.
    When performing CNC lathe processing, you should pay attention to the above 4 precautions as much as possible. Only by choosing the most appropriate CNC lathe processing method can the processing efficiency and processing accuracy of CNC lathe processing be improved.

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