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Principles of CNC milling machine tool selection

General principles for CNC milling machine tool selection: easy installation and adjustment, good reliability, good rigidity, high durability and precision. Under the premise of meeting the processing requirements, try to choose tools with shorter shanks to enhance the rigidity of processing.

  1. Select tools according to the surface size of the workpiece
    When selecting tools, the size of the tool should be adapted to the surface size of the workpiece. In production, end mills are often used to process the contours around flat parts; carbide blade milling cutters should be selected for milling planes. When processing bosses and grooves, high-speed steel end mills are selected; when processing the surface of the blank or rough processing of the hole, corn milling cutters with carbide blades can be selected; for the processing of some three-dimensional surfaces and variable bevel contours, disc milling cutters, round nose cutters, and flat cutters are selected for rough processing, and ball head milling cutters, annular milling cutters, and conical milling cutters are selected for fine processing.
  2. Select the tool according to the surface shape of the workpiece
    During mold processing, since the cutting speed of the end of the ball-end tool is zero, in order to ensure the processing accuracy, the cutting line spacing generally adopts the top end close spacing, so the ball-end milling cutter is often used for the finishing of curved surfaces. Flat-end tools are superior to ball-end tools in terms of surface processing quality and cutting efficiency. Therefore, as long as it is guaranteed not to overcut, flat-end tools should be given priority for both rough processing and finishing of curved surfaces. In addition, the durability and accuracy of the tool are closely related to the price of the tool. It must be noted that in most cases, although the selection of good tools increases the tool cost, the improvement of processing quality and processing efficiency brought about by this can greatly reduce the overall processing cost.
  3. Reasonably arrange the arrangement order of tools In the processing process of economical CNC milling machines, since the wear, measurement and replacement of tools are mostly done manually, which takes up a long auxiliary time, the arrangement order of tools must be reasonably arranged. Generally, the following principles should be followed:
  4. The processes are concentrated and clamped at one time, and the same tool can complete all the processing steps;
  5. The tools for rough and fine processing should be used separately;
  6. First the surface and then the hole, first the surface finishing, then the two-dimensional contour finishing;
  7. Reasonably use the automatic tool changing function of the CNC milling machine to improve production efficiency;
  8. Minimize the number of tools.

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