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How to use the vacuum suction cup of the machining center?

How to use the vacuum suction cup of the machining center? The use of the vacuum suction cup of the machining center involves multiple steps, including preparation, installation of the suction cup, processing operation, and maintenance and care.

Before using the vacuum suction cup, you need to do the following preparations:

  1. Check whether the surface of the suction cup is clean and free of impurities such as oil, dust, etc.
  2. Check whether the vacuum pump is working properly to ensure sufficient vacuum pressure.
  3. Prepare other tools and equipment required for CNC processing.
    Installation of suction cup
  4. Fix the suction cup on the workbench of the CNC machine tool to ensure that it is firmly fixed.
  5. Adjust the angle and position of the suction cup to keep it at an appropriate distance and angle from the processing object.
  6. During the installation process, it is necessary to keep the surface of the suction cup clean to avoid affecting the suction force.
    Processing operation
  7. Ensure that the processing object is firmly fixed to avoid movement or falling during processing.
  8. Choose the appropriate type and size of vacuum suction cup according to the processing object.
  9. Adjust the vacuum pressure to ensure that the suction force is sufficient but not too large to avoid damaging the object or CNC machine.
  10. During the processing, it is necessary to pay close attention to the deformation of the object to be processed. If there is any abnormality, it is necessary to adjust the vacuum pressure or replace the suction cup in time.
  11. After the processing is completed, the object to be processed needs to be removed from the suction cup. Be careful to handle it with care to avoid damaging the surface.
    Maintenance and care
  12. Clean the surface of the suction cup regularly and keep it clean.
  13. Check the working condition of the vacuum pump and repair or replace damaged parts in time.
  14. Regularly replace the sealing ring and other wearing parts on the vacuum suction cup.

The above steps are based on the information in the search results to ensure timeliness and accuracy. In actual operation, it is also necessary to operate according to the instructions of the specific CNC machining center and vacuum suction cup model to ensure safety and efficiency

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