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How much does a CNC machining center cost?

How much does a CNC machining center cost? CNC machining center refers to a CNC machine tool equipped with a tool magazine system. CNC machining center has the advantages of stable machining quality and high precision, and is suitable for multi-variety, small-batch precision machining. CNC machining center consists of CNC system, spindle components, feeding mechanism, automatic tool change system and auxiliary devices. Among them, auxiliary devices include lubrication, cooling, chip removal, protection, hydraulic, pneumatic and detection systems, etc., and basic components include bed, column and workbench.

The price of CNC machining center starts at at least 200,000. The size, configuration and whether the equipment table is imported affect the price. If you want to know the price of CNC machining center, you still have to ask the CNC machining center factory.

How to determine how much a CNC machining center costs?

  1. First, determine whether the CNC machining center you need is imported or domestic;
  2. Secondly, determine the model of machining center you need;
  3. Then determine the configuration you need: number of axes, guide rails, tool magazine, system, etc.

The equipment technology and components used by different manufacturers will affect the effectiveness and life of the machine.

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