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High-end equipment manufacturing CNC machine tools

State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission reported on August 19 that recently, the Party Committee of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission held an enlarged meeting to analyze and summarize the current economic operation of central enterprises and study and deploy key tasks in the next stage. The meeting emphasized that scientific and technological innovation should be placed in a more prominent position, promote central enterprises to actively integrate into the national basic research and applied basic research innovation system, and strengthen key core technology research on industrial motherboards, high-end chips, new materials, new energy vehicles, etc., and strive to Create the “source” of original technology, shoulder the responsibility of the “chain owner” of the industrial chain, carry out special actions to strengthen the chain, strengthen the coordination of upstream and downstream industries, and actively promote the development of small, medium and micro enterprises.

High-end equipment focuses on the subdivisions of specialized, new and small giants: the high-end equipment index hit a five-and-a-half-year high. The recent 730 meeting emphasized that manufacturing is still the top priority of economic work. For our country, the key point is to solve the chokehold areas such as “high precision”. The policy is tilted towards the high-end equipment industry. Secondly, A-share institutional funds are also adding real money to high-end equipment. Judging from the interim reports of listed companies that have been disclosed so far, multiple tens of billions of private equity investments have increased their positions in the high-end manufacturing sector. Of course, when choosing targets in this field, the main direction is to focus on the subdivision of special new small giants. For example, the recent strong stocks Valin Cable and Haitian Precision all belong to this field.

01 When it comes to high-end equipment manufacturing, one must mention CNC machine tools, one of its basic and core industries. As the foundation of industry, machine tools have a long history of development, and CNC machine tools, as the “industrial mother machine” of high-end manufacturing, are high-end equipment used to produce high-end equipment. The high-end CNC machine tool industry is the foundation, pilot and strategy for the overall development of the national economy and society. sex industry. High-end CNC machine tools have the characteristics of high precision, high complexity, high efficiency and high dynamics. High-end CNC machine tools are widely used downstream. In the future, high-end CNC systems and key functional components can be applied to other fields such as electric vehicles, machinery, industrial automation, and the Internet of Things. High-end CNC machine tools were once monopolized by developed countries such as Northern Europe, the United States, and Japan.

At present, my country’s CNC machine tool industry is experiencing rapid development, with the industry scale expanding rapidly and the technical level improving significantly. Many machine tool companies have achieved domestic substitution and broken foreign monopolies.

Playing an important role in the construction and production of domestic military, aerospace, advanced manufacturing, and new energy industries, some advanced vanguards have been rated as specialized, specialized, and new “little giant” enterprises (the highest level and most authoritative honorary title in the national small and medium-sized enterprise assessment work) , get rid of the pronoun “domestic machine tools are low-end industries”.

02 The CNC system is the brain of CNC machine tools, accounting for 20%-30% of the cost of CNC machine tools. Currently, CNC machine tool companies mainly rely on outsourcing, and CNC systems with five axes and above are stuck technology. 2011 was the peak of demand for domestic machine tools. The general service life of machine tools is about 10 years. By 2021, it is expected to usher in a replacement cycle. In early trading on August 13, the high-end equipment index once soared by more than 1.2%, setting a new high in five and a half years. The high-end CNC machine tool market experienced strong production and sales in the first half of the year, and multiple tens of billions of private equity investments increased their positions in the high-end manufacturing sector. Now let’s sort out a few core stocks in this sector:

03 Investment opportunities

  1. Huazhong CNC: The current CNC system technology is the strongest. Relying on Huazhong University of Science and Technology, it has strong technical reserves. The medium and high CNC systems have gradually matured and are used in large quantities in domestic CNC hosts. Huazhong 8 and 9 are currently the most advanced domestic CNC systems. High-end CNC system.
  2. Code CNC: Its CNC system is independently developed and has produced five-axis CNC machine tools. The largest customer is the Aviation Development Group, and its five major main engine plants are all Code CNC customers, followed by domestic first-tier companies such as Aerospace Science and Industry and Guangxi Yuchai.
  3. Genesis: Currently the largest machine tool enterprise in terms of revenue and profit in China, it is the only target of the National Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Fund in the machine tool industry chain.
  4. Guosheng Zhike: The company is a domestic provider of advanced mid-to-high-end metal cutting CNC machine tools and intelligent automated production lines. It is mainly based on the applications of customers in downstream precision molds, engineering machinery, automobiles, industrial valves, petrochemicals, new energy and other terminal fields. Need to provide integrated intelligent manufacturing solutions.
  5. Haitian Precision: One of the leaders in the CNC machine tool industry, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of high-end CNC machine tools. As the prosperity of the machine tool industry increases and domestic substitution steadily advances, profit margins are expected to be released.
  6. Yuhuan CNC: One of the leaders in CNC grinding equipment, Yuhuan CNC is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of CNC grinding equipment and intelligent equipment, focusing on the field of CNC grinder equipment.
  7. Qinchuan Machine Tool: A leader in machine tool tools in China, Qinchuan Machine Tool is mainly engaged in machine tools and parts, financial leasing, commercial factoring, import and export trade and other businesses. Its machine tool scale ranks among the top three, and its leading position is stable.
  8. East China CNC: East China CNC is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of CNC machine tools, ordinary machine tools and their key functional components. The main products include CNC gantry milling machines (gantry machining centers), CNC gantry grinders, CNC cylindrical grinders, etc. We have also successfully developed an open 5-axis linkage CNC system, an internationally advanced nano-level CNC drilling and milling machine, and a magnetoelectric rotary encoder. It is the only domestic machine tool company with completely independent intellectual property rights for CNC systems.
  9. Yujing Co., Ltd.: A leader in hard and brittle material processing equipment, Yujing Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production and sales of precision CNC machine tool equipment. The main products are CNC grinding and polishing machines, coating machines, wire cutting machines, CNC, etc., covering consumer electronics, automotive industry, new materials and other fields.
  10. Yawei Co., Ltd.: The leader in the metal forming machine tool industry segmentation. Yawei Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in laser processing equipment business, metal forming machine tool business, and intelligent manufacturing solutions business. It has formed three categories: metal forming machine tools, laser processing equipment, and intelligent manufacturing solutions. In terms of business, it has also laid out the high-end semiconductor equipment industry, investing 18.75 million yuan to hold 25% of the shares of Suzhou Xince.
  11. Rifa Precision Machinery: An independent leader in mid-to-high-end machine tools, Rifa Precision Machinery is mainly engaged in the development and services of digital intelligent machine tools and production lines, aerospace intelligent equipment and production lines, and intelligent manufacturing production management system software.

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