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Do you know the five primary conditions for purchasing an automatic CNC lathe?

Recently, many people who want to buy automatic high-speed CNC lathes will ask questions such as what to look for when buying, whether it is expensive to buy, and how cost-effective it is. Today, Yuyang Automatic CNC Lathes will take you there. Let’s take a look at how to effectively use automatic high-speed CNC lathes and the five important conditions for purchasing automatic high-speed CNC lathes.

  1. Early preparation

Clarify the processing technology requirements of typical parts and the large quantities of workpieces to be processed. The function of formulating the CNC lathe is to make early preparations and consider the processing technology requirements of typical parts as necessary for the effective use of CNC lathes.

The processing technology requirements of typical parts are mainly the structural specifications, processing scope and precision requirements of the parts. The linearity of the CNC lathe is selected according to the precision requirements, that is, the specification precision, precision grade and roughness requirements of the product workpiece. Choose based on credibility, which is the guarantee for improving product quality and productivity.

The reliability of an automatic high-speed CNC lathe means that when the CNC lathe performs its functions under the required conditions, it can operate smoothly for a long time without causing failures. That is to say, there is no problem for a long time on average. Even if a common fault occurs, it can be repaired in a short period of time and put into use again. Choose CNC lathes that are reasonably configured, manufactured, and mass-produced. Generally, the more customers there are, the higher the credibility of the CNC machine tool.

  1. Pay attention to the identity of the automatic control system

Manufacturers generally choose products from the same manufacturer, or at least purchase automatic control systems from the same manufacturer, which brings great convenience to maintenance work. Classroom teaching companies, because they need students to be knowledgeable, use different systems and configure various simulation software is a wise choice.

  1. Safety protection of CNC lathes

When necessary, CNC lathes can be equipped with fully enclosed or closed safety devices and fully automatic surface milling equipment.

  1. Choose based on characteristics and price comparison

Ensure that functions and precision are not left unused or consumed, and there is no need to choose functions that are irrelevant to your own needs.

  1. Purchase of machine tool accessories and CNC blades

CNC lathe accessories, spare parts, supply capabilities, and CNC blades are very important for CNC lathes and milling centers that have been put into production. When choosing a CNC lathe, you need to carefully consider the suitability of CNC blades and accessories.

When purchasing an automatic high-speed CNC lathe, do not blindly follow the crowd, but be careful. You don’t need to think it’s good if others say it’s good, you have to identify it yourself. Only what suits you is right!

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