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Comparison between inclined bed and flat bed CNC lathe

Compared with flat bed CNC lathe, inclined bed CNC lathe has many advantages.

Cutting rigidity: The cross-sectional area of ​​the inclined bed is larger than that of the flat bed of the same specification, which makes it more resistant to bending and twisting. The tool of the inclined bed CNC lathe cuts downward on the oblique side of the workpiece, and the cutting force is basically consistent with the direction of gravity of the workpiece, so the spindle runs more smoothly and is not easy to cause cutting vibration. When cutting, the cutting force of the tool and the workpiece is 90° to the gravity of the workpiece, which is easy to cause vibration.

Processing accuracy: The layout of the inclined bed CNC lathe directly affects the clearance of the X-direction ball screw, and the gravity directly acts on the axial direction of the screw, making the reverse clearance during transmission almost zero. The X-direction wire rod of the flat bed CNC lathe is not affected by the axial gravity, and the clearance cannot be directly eliminated. This is the innate accuracy advantage of the inclined bed CNC lathe.

Production efficiency: The slant bed CNC lathe has a stronger load-bearing capacity, can bear larger workpieces, and has a faster processing speed, which can greatly improve production efficiency. In addition, the automatic feeding system of the slant bed CNC lathe is more excellent, which can realize automatic tool replacement and automatic tool change during processing, saving a lot of manpower and further improving production efficiency.

Processing range: The tool library of the slant bed CNC lathe is richer, and a variety of different tools can be used, which is more adaptable. At the same time, the slant bed CNC lathe has a stronger processing capacity and can handle workpieces of different materials and shapes, without being restricted by traditional machine tools.

In general, the slant bed CNC lathe has significant advantages in cutting rigidity, processing accuracy, production efficiency and processing range. However, the choice of which type of CNC lathe should be determined according to the specific processing needs and production environment.

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