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CNC machine tools are intelligently operated and highly automated

CNC machine tools are a key piece of equipment in the manufacturing industry. Simply put, it is a machine tool that can automatically perform workpiece processing according to a predetermined program. This machine tool uses a computer to digitally model the workpiece, and then uses a programming language to convert the processing process into instructions that the machine can understand. The machine automatically executes these instructions to complete the processing of the workpiece.

The working principle of CNC machine tools can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Design stage: In this stage, engineers use professional computer-aided design software to create a design model of the workpiece. This model includes all the geometric information of the workpiece, such as size, shape, surface roughness, etc.
  2. Programming stage: In this stage, engineers convert the design model into a programming language that the machine tool can understand.
  3. Simulation stage: In this stage, engineers use simulation software to simulate the entire processing process, check the rationality and safety of the design, and predict the processing results.
  4. Processing stage: In this stage, the machine tool controls the relative movement of the tool and the workpiece according to pre-programmed instructions to achieve the processing of the workpiece. During this process, the machine tool automatically adjusts the position and speed of the tool to maintain the predetermined tool path and cutting parameters.
  5. Inspection stage: At this stage, the staff will check the processed workpiece to ensure that it meets the design requirements and quality standards. The emergence of CNC machine tools has changed the production mode of the manufacturing industry. It not only improves production efficiency and reduces production costs, but also improves the precision and quality of products.

After understanding the basic concepts and working principles, we can draw a conclusion: CNC machine tools are highly automated, high-precision and high-efficiency manufacturing equipment. It is an important part of modern manufacturing and plays an important role in improving production efficiency, reducing production costs and improving product quality. In addition, it has the following highlights:

  1. Intelligent operation and high degree of automation

Adopting an automated control system, through intelligent robots and digital manufacturing technology, the production process is highly automated and intelligent. The bed adopts a humanized intelligent operation interface. The CNC machining process is automatically completed according to the input program. The operation interface has a graphical display and intelligent prompt function, which makes the control operation simpler and more intuitive, and realizes automated production.

  1. High precision and stable quality of machined parts

Pay attention to the precision and stability of machine tools. In the process of machine tool processing and manufacturing, precision and stability are crucial factors. The machine tool adopts advanced computer control system, processing technology and strict quality control system, and systematically adjusts processing parameters to ensure that each machine tool can achieve high positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy. It can achieve high-precision processing and control during the processing process, improve the quality and stability of processing, and reduce human errors.

  1. Diversified processing capabilities and strong flexibility

It can process various metal materials, non-metallic materials and composite materials, and meet different production needs through various processing methods such as turning, milling, drilling, and cutting. It has a very wide range of processing capabilities. At the same time, it has high flexibility and adaptability. It can adapt to different processing needs such as product development, modification, and design changes by changing the processing program and tools, and is used to process workpieces of various shapes, sizes and precisions.

  1. High production efficiency

The cutting system is equipped with advanced tools and fixtures, and adopts high-speed cutting technology, with fast processing speed and high efficiency. At the same time, machine tool processing is to process multiple processing surfaces after one clamping, which can automatically complete the processing of multiple processes, and the quality of processed parts is stable, which greatly improves production efficiency.

  1. Reliable safety protection

The guide rail protection of the machine tool adopts steel large-angle herringbone telescopic sheet metal, which can effectively prevent cutting fluid and chips from entering the inside of the shield and extend the service life of the screw guide rail. The whole machine tool adopts fully enclosed protection to prevent iron chips and coolant from splashing; it is equipped with a variety of safety protection devices, such as overload protection, collision protection, emergency stop button, etc., which can ensure the safety and stability of the processing process and protect the safety of workers.

  1. Easy maintenance and maintenance

The structural design is reasonable and easy to maintain and maintain. At the same time, the use of advanced fault diagnosis system can timely detect and solve faults, ensuring the long-term stable operation of the equipment.

Industrial machine tools are the foundation of China’s manufacturing power. The development of science and technology, the widespread application of digital technology and changes in market demand are all driving the innovation and change of the industry. As a CNC machine tool precision processing machine tool manufacturing service provider, Yuhuan Yonggao has a complete industrial chain and rich technical experience. In recent years, it has been committed to maintaining the advantages and characteristics of machine tools, continuously innovating and improving machine tool manufacturing technology, and working hard to achieve the goal of sustainable development of the enterprise.

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