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CNC Lathe Types

CNC lathe varieties, specifications vary, generally have the following classification. CNC lathe classification – according to the function of the CNC system

1) Full-featured CNC lathe
This lathe high resolution, fast feed speed (generally more than 15m/min), feed most of the semi-closed-loop DC or AC servo system, machine tool accuracy is also relatively high, the use of CRT monitors, not only characters, graphics, human-machine dialog, self-diagnostics and other functions.
2) Economic CNC lathe
Economic CNC lathe structure and layout of most of the ordinary lathe similar to the general use of stepper motor-driven open-loop servo system, using a single board or microcontroller to achieve control functions. The display mostly adopts digital tube or simple CRT character display.
3) Turning center
Turning center is a full-featured CNC lathe as the main body, and the configuration of the tool magazine, tool changer, indexing device, milling power head and robot, etc.. Realize the multi-process compound processing machine tool, in a clamping, it can complete the rotary parts of turning, milling, drilling, hinging, tapping threads and other machining processes, its function is comprehensive, but the price is higher.
4) FMC lathe
FMC lathe is actually a CNC lathe, robots and other components of the flexible processing unit, which can realize the workpiece handling, loading and unloading automation and processing adjustment preparation automation.
CNC lathe classification – according to the configuration of the spindle axis form
1) Horizontal CNC lathe
Spindle axis in the horizontal direction of the CNC lathe is called horizontal CNC lathe.
2) Vertical CNC lathe
The CNC lathe whose spindle axis is in the vertical direction is called vertical CNC lathe. For CNC lathe with two spindles, it is called two-axis horizontal CNC lathe or vertical CNC lathe.
CNC lathe classification – according to the processing of parts of the Tsuenbon type
1) Chuck type CNC machine tools
This type of lathe is not equipped with a tailstock and is suitable for turning disk-type parts. Its clamping method is mostly motor or hydraulic control, most of the chuck structure with jaws.
2) Tip type CNC lathe
This kind of lathe is set with ordinary tailstock or CNC tailstock, suitable for turning longer shaft parts and disk and set parts with not too large diameter.
CNC lathe classification – according to the number of axes controlled by the CNC system
1) Two-axis control of CNC lathe
The machine tool has only one rotary tool holder, which can realize the control of two axes.
2) Four-axis control of CNC lathes
There are two independent rotary tool holders on the machine tool, which can realize four-axis control.
Other classifications
According to the CNC system of different control methods and other indicators, CNC lathes can be divided into linear control CNC lathes, contour control CNC lathes, etc.; technology, special or specialized process performance can be divided into threaded CNC lathes, piston CNC lathes, crankshaft CNC lathes. In addition, there is now a new class of foreign CNC lathes, can be turned quenched parts, known as hard turning CNC lathe; and turning parts without quenching the lathe is called soft turning CNC lathe.

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