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CNC lathe installation steps

1、Lifting and transportation
The lifting and positioning of the machine tool should use the special lifting tool provided by the manufacturer, and other methods are not allowed. If you don’t need special lifting tools, you should use wire rope to lift and position the machine in accordance with the instruction manual.

2、Foundation and position
The machine tool should be installed on a solid foundation, the location should be far away from the vibration source; to avoid sunlight and heat radiation; placed in a dry place, to avoid moisture and the impact of airflow. If there is a vibration source near the machine tool, a vibration-proof ditch must be set up around the foundation.
3、Machine tool installation
Machine tool placed on the foundation, should be leveled in the free state, and then the ground bolts evenly locked. For ordinary machine tools, the level reading is not more than 0.04/1000mm, for high-precision machine tools, the level is not more than 0.02/1000mm.
4、Preparation before test run
After the geometric accuracy of the machine tool inspection, you need to clean up the whole machine. With a cotton cloth or silk cloth soaked with cleaning agent, clean off the machine tool above the rust oil or rust paint and machine tool dust on the outside surface. In the sliding surface and working surface coated with machine tool regulations to make the oil.

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