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Basic content of CNC industry

What is CNC? It is generally considered to be the abbreviation of computer numerical control, that is, CNC (Computer Numerical Control);

What is a CNC machine tool? Numerical control machine tool, an automated machine tool equipped with a program control system; respectfully known as the “industrial mother machine”;

What is a CNC system? A system that uses digital instructions to control machine actions. Commonly used controlled objects include analog quantities such as displacement, angle, speed, force, and digital quantities such as current, power, and torque. In other words, a machine tool that uses a CNC system to control processing is a CNC machine tool. CNC machine tools should be regarded as the most basic manufacturing unit of industrial automation.

What is the CNC industry? Generally speaking, it covers the CNC machine tool industry. But I believe that in addition to CNC machine tools, the CNC industry should also include CNC systems, servo drives, motors, sensors, execution components, machine tool bodies, machine tool manufacturing processes, machine tool processing processes, etc., covering machinery, electronics, control, automation, Software, materials, technology and other disciplines. The CNC industry is a capital-intensive, labor-intensive, and knowledge-intensive industry. If a CNC machine tool is compared to a person, the CNC system is the human brain, the servo drive is the human muscle, and the motor is the human joint. , the sensor is the human eye, the execution component (rotary table or oscillating angle milling head) is the human hand and foot, and the machine tool body (lathe bed/bare metal) is the human skeleton. In layman’s terms, the emergence of CNC machine tools replaces manual operations, making production and manufacturing more standardized, professional, consistent, and independent of manpower. But its essence of serving craftsmanship remains unchanged.

What is machine tool manufacturing process? Machine tool manufacturing technology refers to the production and manufacturing process of machine tools, and machine tool processing technology refers to the use process of machine tool parts. There are some key concepts, which commonly include: 1) Five-axis linkage: To be precise, it is five-coordinate linkage. The core is tool tip point rotation programming (RTCP), which means that the tool tip point can reach any position in space. Its function is to realize the processing of any curved surface in space, such as the propeller of a marine propeller, the impeller of an automobile supercharger, and the entire blade of an aircraft engine. Disks, steam turbines and gas turbine blades and other key industrial parts. In other words, it is a complex free-form surface. Without this function, it cannot be transformed from drawings into real objects. 2) Composite processing: A variety of process methods are completed in one clamping of the workpiece, such as turning and milling composite, turning composite, milling composite, grinding composite, additive manufacturing (3D printing) and metal cutting manufacturing composite (additive and subtractive integrated manufacturing) ), etc., are manufacturing methods that maximize process capabilities and ensure processing accuracy; especially the integrated manufacturing of addition and subtraction, which has an extremely important impact on the future, such as aircraft special-shaped structural parts, torpedo thrusters, etc.

The source of many military industrial technologies is CNC industry technology. For example: the electromagnetic ejection technology used in aircraft carriers, the prototype of which is the linear motor technology of the CNC industry; China’s linear motor technology is now basically mature.

Therefore, our newly built aircraft carrier adopts electromagnetic ejection, and there are no technical obstacles at all. There are only problems with engineering solutions. The 1KW small laser produced by the American IPG (Apache) company is prohibited from being exported to China because its other use is a lethal laser gun. The size of this 1KW small laser is not much larger than our commonly used laser pointers.

During the Anti-Japanese War, Japan conducted high-precision surveying and mapping of the three northeastern provinces. Its accuracy is very high because it uses a measuring element called a grating. At present, the two companies with the most mature commercialization in the global grating industry are Heidenhain in Germany and Renishaw in the UK. These two companies have almost a monopoly on the global market for grating technology. At present, China’s CNC industry can only purchase basic measurement level gratings, and high-precision gratings are banned from China.

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