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Features of VC series products:


  1. The spindle is equipped with Taiwan’s original servo motor which has fast response speed,low noise and stable speed.
  2. The bed adopts a double rectangular guide rail structure with an ultra wide joint surface and excellent stability.
  3. All castings are subjected to secondary tempering treatment,precision grinding after quenching,wear-resistant guide rails and good accuracy retention.
  4. The column guide rail is a large-span double rectangular guide rail structure with a large support distance which meets the needs of heavy cutting.
  5. The machine tool adopts an automatic lubrication system to maintain sufficient lubrication at each lubrication part and has alarm reminder function.
  6. The workbench had good wear resistance and accuracy retention.
  7. The bed saddle joint surface adopts adhesive molding technology which has ultra-high wear resistance.
  8. Machine tools have a large working stroke,fast speed and wide processing range.
  9. The machine tool adopts a splash proof sheet metal protection structure ensuring a good working environment.
  10. The spindle adopts a cutting cylinder structure which allows for quick replacement,low noise and high efficiency.
  11. The strong cutting function of the machine tool is as excellent as the precision machining performance.


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