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BTKC 3070

Features of TKC series products:


  1. The product is a CNC machine tool specially designed for profiles and shaft workpiece, can meet the processing requirements for ultra long workpieces.


  1. It is possible to configure the fourth axis linkage and install a CNC indexing head to achieve rotational processing of shaft products.


  1. TKC series products is with standard BT40 high speed belt head,stable transmission fast speed and optional BT50 spindle configuration.


  1. TKC series can perform efficient component processing in industries such as milling,boring,drilling and tapping.


  1. TKC series can be widely used in component processing in industries such as machinery,electronics,construction and textiles.


  1. Using solidworks 3D software design,finite element analysis of the entire machine structure,optimization of reinforcement structure,reasonable distribution and organization,to make the performance of the entire machine more in line with processing characteristics requirements.


  1. Optional high-speed gear head to achieve heavy cutting effect.


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